Make a Payment

Request for New Service:
    You must establish service with WVAW (800-685-8660) and obtain an account number and premise number. Fill out the application for new service, provide a photo I.D. along with a security deposit of ($76.00 for Pea Ridge customers/$50.00 deposit for the Village of Barboursville customers). If the application is signed outside the District office your signature must be notarized.

Request for Sewer Service (.pdf)

Taps - For Pea Ridge Customers
    For New connections to the sewer system both the application for tap and sewer use requirements must be completed and submitted to the PSD for approval.  All applications must be received by the first of the month to be approved at that month’s board of directors meeting.

Taps - For Village of Barboursville Customers
    For New connections to the sewer system you must contact the:
            Village of Barboursville
            Public Works Department
            Phone: 304-736-9820 ext. 27

Sewer Use Requirements
Tap Applications (.pdf)

All taps and service lines must be
inspected by the Pea Ridge Public Service District. Failure to comply shall
result in having to uncover service line for inspection.

***Note: To prevent delays, Developers requiring a main extension must contact the General Manager during the planning stage.  An alternate main extension may be required, which must be approved by the Public Service Commission